Thousands of Stories on the Web

Stories surround us. The news is a story, advertising is a story, myths and legends are stories. We use stories to understand the world around us. We use them to understand the difference between right and wrong. We use them to inspire our children. We use them to cheer ourselves up when we feel sad and sometimes to feel sad when we are happy. In our minds we are the heroes of our own personal story. People take the chaos of daily life and create stories. A story does not have to ‘be’ one thing or another. Normally, a story has a beginning, middle and end. Sometimes a story will start at its end, go through the middle to the beginning. There is no structure for a story except the structure that makes sense to the person telling it. There is no good story except the story which the listener/reader/viewer finds satisfying. Stories are important but there are no rules saying what a story is or what makes one better than another except our own perception. On these pages we are sharing the best stories we can find on the Internet for your enjoyment and education. You will like some of them but probably not all of them. We hope all of them will make you think.